There are quite a few best practices in HR. Your human resources department dabbles in everything from hiring, to safety, to bonuses. They’re the unseen machine that keeps your company running. 

Below, 5 thought leaders share their best HR practice as it pertains to payroll.

Hire a Temp Agency

Hiring a temporary HR staffing agency enables an employer to shift the burden of managing payroll, paperwork, and everything in between. A temp agency takes full responsibility for items like hiring workers and managing the payroll on your behalf. If you are looking to fulfill the needs of a temporary HR director, then a temp HR staffing agency may be an option to consider. 

Michael Bratta, Interim HR

Back Office Providers

Payroll funding and processing with a back-office provider can help an employer in many ways. Accountability, Separation of Powers, Transition, and Time are some of the key benefits that a back-office provider can provide. If you are considering payroll funding options, a back-office provider may be an option to look into. 

Ryan Nouis, TruPath

Don’t Leave People Guessing

When there’s a change in the way payroll is handled, make sure it’s communicated immediately in a language someone can actually understand. Nothing hurts morale more than when employees feel that they can’t trust the people responsible for making sure they are paid.

Rick DeBruhl,

Pay People Accurately

Pay people accurately and on time and make sure their deductions are automatically made for health benefits, 401(k) and others. When these are all synced and people are saving automatically for retirement, have great benefits and are otherwise feeling well taken care of, they tend to be higher-quality, more productive work.

Yuri Kruman, HR, Talent & Systems

Outsource Payroll

As a small business owner, I managed payroll for several years. That is until I learned that someone else should be responsible for it. Why? Because small business owners have a million things on their mind. The intricacies and details of payroll sometimes slip. Pay raises. Paperwork. Vacation hours. Sick pay. All that stuff is the #1 priority for employees. But when a business owner tries to tackle payroll, it’s priority #57. And when there’s a mistake, it can cost you in more ways than one. So do yourself a favor. Just outsource it or assign ownership to someone else.

Brett Farmiloe, Digital Marketing Company