Miscellaneous HR Tools & Resources

Developing an HR budget

Something we’ll all have to do, not something we all learn to do

  1. Society for Human Resource Management

Reading Materials

Below are some of the best lists of books that I’ve been able to find, there is a little bit of overlap so I apologize, but they’re all worth a read.

  1. 5 Books Every Professional Should Read
  2. Must Read Titles For Any HR Professional

Aptitude & Team Building Activities

I love a good Meyers Briggs-esque test, can’t help it. I find the results fascinating, and it has helped almost every team I’ve worked with function so much better. Below are some options for tests and activities that I have used in the past.

Be sure to take a look and see which one would fit your team!

  1. How Personality Tests Can Help Build Productive Teams
  2. Myers Briggs Personality Test
  3. Clifton Assessments
  4. Disc Profile
  5. Color Code
  6. 55+ Ideas to Promote Inclusion and Diversity in the Workplace

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