11 Ways to Identify High Potential Employees (HIPOs)

11 Ways to Identify High Potential Employees (HIPOs)

What strategies can managers utilize in order to identify HIPOSs (high potential employees) in the company?  To help you identify high potential employees in your company, we asked business professionals and leaders for their best insights. From using interactive employee peer reviews to looking for consistency in communication, there are several ways to identify high potential employees. Here is what 11 thought-leaders had to say: Use Interactive Employee Peer Review

What Does it Mean to Be Agile in HR? 7 Professionals Weigh In

What actionable changes can a business implement to move from a traditional HR model to an agile one? To help business owners understand what it truly means to be agile, we asked agility experts this question for their best insights. From moving to a continuous feedback model to creating cross-functional teams, there are several ideas that may help you understand and implement long-lasting agility into your organization. Here are seven

8 Tools To Improve Job Interviewing Skills

8 Tools To Improve Job Interviewing Skills

What is one tool or technology that can help people improve their interviewing skills? To help you improve your interviewing skills, we asked business leaders and HR experts this question for their best interview prep advice. From practicing with video software to seeking advice on YouTube, there are several ways you can improve your interview skills. Here are eight tools you can use to help improve your interview skills: Mock

Best Big Data in Human Resources Trends To Watch

How will big data play a role in the current and future role of Human Resources? To help you to understand how big data will play a role in the current and future role of Human Resources, we asked business leaders and HR professionals this question for their thoughts. From assistive intelligence to talent analytics, there are several ways that big data may play a role in the current and


8 Best Companies To Work For In Human Resources

You’re probably well aware of the “Best Companies To Work For” Lists. If you’re in Human Resources, you’ve likely spearheaded the efforts to land your company on one of those lists. But what is the best company to work for if you work in Human Resources? To find out the answer to this question, we asked human resources professionals to share their top choices. And as an FYI, we gave


8 Best Human Resources Jobs That HR Pros Actually Like

Maybe you have always considered yourself a “people person” and are considering a career in Human Resources. What jobs actually exist within Human Resources? To help create some career option awareness, we asked HR professionals about what they do and why they like it. Here’s some of the best human resources jobs that HR professionals actually like. Staffing Agency Founder With statistics saying that over 70% of working american don’t


6 Best Human Resources Colleges For Undergraduates

Human resources is a great job to get into since it spans the gamut of several organizations and business sectors. You can work for any company in any vertical! The skills required for this job include strong written and verbal communication skills, the ability to mediate conflict, extreme levels of patience, and the willingness to work with a variety of people every day! If this job sounds like a great

8 Best Human Resources Certifications That Look Great On A Resume

8 Best Human Resources Certifications That Look Great On A Resume

When applying for a job in human resources, it is important that you customize your resume to not only suit the job description, but also to stand out from all the other candidates. Chances are, there may be individuals who have just as much experience or comparable skill sets, but you can really stand out from the crowd if you have some valuable certifications on your side. With so many


7 Best Human Resources Books To Read For Professional Development

Human Resource is a field that is constantly evolving. From new hiring regulations to employee retention techniques, it’s crucial for HR professionals to continue learning and acquiring new skills. One way to do this is to read. What are some HR books that are worth reading? We’ve asked 7 professionals to share their favorite human resource books to read for professional development. Take a look to find some weekend reads