8 Best Non Monetary Incentives

8 Best Non Monetary Incentives

In the quest to boost employee motivation and retention without tapping into financial resources, we’ve gathered insights from CEOs and founders on effective non-monetary incentives. From introducing Compt Shout-Outs to hosting team bonding events, explore the diverse eight strategies these leaders have successfully implemented in their companies.

  • Introducing Compt Shout-Outs
  • Nurturing Talent’s Inner Spark
  • Flexible Work Arrangements
  • Free Access to Classes
  • Designated Days for Personal Projects
  • Professional Development Passport
  • Comprehensive Wellness Program
  • Hosting Team Bonding Events

Introducing Compt Shout-Outs

At Compt, we realized the need for a more personal and meaningful way of acknowledging our team’s efforts, both from our own experiences and feedback from our customers. This led to the creation of Compt Shout-Outs, a feature within our existing platform, designed to foster a culture of appreciation and support without relying on monetary incentives.

Compt Shout-Outs allows team members to recognize each other for various accomplishments and qualities. Ours specifically look like this (although with a little more flair and some company-wide inside jokes attached): “Achieving Balance: Celebrating those who skillfully maintain work-life harmony.”

We, of course, use Compt Shout-Outs within our own team and offer it to other companies, embodying our belief in the power of non-monetary recognition. This peer-to-peer recognition system has been instrumental in driving a more engaging and meaningful company culture. It’s not just a feature of our platform but a reflection of what we stand for as a company.

Amy SpurlingAmy Spurling
CEO/Founder, Compt

Nurturing Talent’s Inner Spark

We fuel our team not through carrots and sticks, but by nurturing talent’s inner spark. Beyond pay, purpose retention thrives by co-creating their professional legacies. We support staff in recruiting, joining industry boards, speaking at conferences, and publishing thought-leadership. Embedding their aspirations into our operations shows our investment in their growth.

We also encourage sabbaticals to avoid burnout and get inspired. Talent returning from adventures abroad have brought innovative best practices. With flexibility and trust, we inspire loyalty and innovation that no bonus can buy. When you lead with heart and aim higher together, work feels less like labor and more like a collaborative canvas where everyone leaves their mark.

Lou ReverchukLou Reverchuk
Co-Founder and CEO, EchoGlobal

Flexible Work Arrangements

At DasFlow, we’ve found that offering flexible work arrangements has been an effective non-monetary incentive. This includes options for remote work, flexible hours, and compressed workweeks.

This approach acknowledges and supports the diverse personal needs and life commitments of our employees, leading to increased job satisfaction, better work-life balance, and, consequently, higher productivity. It’s a strategy I highly recommend as it fosters a trust-based, supportive work environment, crucial for employee engagement and retention.

Nicolas KraussNicolas Krauss
Founder and CEO, dasFlow Custom Sublimation Apparel

Free Access to Classes

One of the best non-monetary incentives I’ve found to motivate my teachers is simply giving them complimentary access to classes and workshops. As the owner of a dance studio, I want my instructors to continuously grow in their own skills. So, I allow them to attend any class for free as often as they want or can.

This simple perk has done wonders for morale and skill-building. My teachers are far more engaged as they experience styles beyond what they teach, picking up fresh choreography and techniques. They return to their own classes re-energized and full of new inspiration to pass on.

It costs me nothing but yields immense dividends in passion and ability. My teachers feel invested in and work harder to create an excellent experience for our students. And students benefit from instructors who are always expanding their abilities. It’s a positive cycle that fuels an energized, tight-knit dance community within my studio.

I’d encourage any business to think creatively about low-cost incentives tailored to intrinsically motivate employees. Whether it’s cross-training opportunities, skill-building workshops, or simply special recognitions, a little thought and personalization can go a long way. An energized team that continuously develops is an invaluable asset.

Roman BosqueRoman Bosque
Founder, Dancelifemap.com

Designated Days for Personal Projects

Within our organization, we established a first-of-its-kind non-monetary incentive wherein employees were granted designated days off from their customary duties to concentrate on personal projects that had the potential to generate innovative benefits for the organization.

This methodology granted team members the autonomy to investigate novel concepts, technologies, or procedures that sparked their interest, notwithstanding the fact that these undertakings fell beyond the scope of their customary job duties.

Significant effects were observed on morale and innovation as a result of this endeavor. It nurtured a culture of innovation and experimentation. As a result of employees perceiving that their initiative and creativity were appreciated, job satisfaction and loyalty increased.

Furthermore, this exercise has resulted in the creation of novel resolutions and enhancements to our processes, thereby making a direct contribution to the expansion and prosperity of the organization.

John ButterworthJohn Butterworth
Founder and CEO, 10kschools

Professional Development Passport

Our Professional Development Passport has become a successful non-monetary incentive at Empathy First Media. Employees are granted a yearly budget for workshops, courses, or conferences aligned with their career goals. The data indicate that this initiative not only enriches our team’s expertise but also contributes to our company’s overall success.

Daniel LynchDaniel Lynch
President & Owner, Empathy First Media

Comprehensive Wellness Program

At our company, we recognize the importance of prioritizing employee well-being beyond traditional benefits. We have implemented a comprehensive Wellness Program to support our employees’ physical and mental health. This program encompasses a range of perks, including subsidized gym memberships at local fitness centers, weekly yoga classes held onsite during lunch breaks, and periodic onsite massages to alleviate stress and muscle tension.

By offering these holistic wellness benefits, we aim to demonstrate our commitment to nurturing a healthy work environment where employees can thrive both personally and professionally. This initiative promotes physical fitness and mental resilience among our team members and fosters a culture of care and support within the organization.

As a result, we have observed a significant boost in morale, increased productivity, and a notable reduction in stress levels, ultimately contributing to a more positive and vibrant workplace atmosphere.

Phil SandnerPhil Sandner
President, Easy Spa Parts

Hosting Team Bonding Events

At our company, we’ve seen great success with non-monetary incentives like hosting team events. These aren’t just any events; we’re talking about fun lunches, trivia nights, and sometimes even conferences. They’re more than just a break from work; they’re a chance for everyone to bond, laugh, and see each other in a different light.

This approach has not only boosted morale but also strengthened our team’s camaraderie. It turns out that giving employees time to connect and enjoy together is a powerful way to keep them motivated and happy.

Marco Genaro PalmaMarco Genaro Palma
Content Marketing Manager, PRLab

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