8 Best RPO Companies

8 Best RPO Companies

In the search for exceptional Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) companies, we’ve gathered insights from top executives, including managing partners and CEOs. From People Science’s comprehensive services to Pontoon Solutions’ diverse sector recruitment, here are the top eight recommendations provided by industry leaders on identifying the best RPO firms.

  • People Science: Comprehensive RPO Services
  • Cielo: Global RPO Solutions
  • Alexander Mann: Global Recruitment Expertise
  • PeopleScout: Tech-Driven Global RPO Leader
  • Orion Talent: Streamlined Talent Acquisition
  • Pierpoint: Personalized, Flexible RPO Solutions
  • Randstad Sourceright: Customized, Data-Driven RPO
  • Pontoon Solutions: Diverse Sector Recruitment

People Science: Comprehensive RPO Services

I have used People Science and can say, hands down, it’s one of the best partners I’ve had. We shut down recruitment after a major company turnaround, and the People Science team helped us build from the ground up: employee value proposition, funnels, pipelines, process, customer service, sourcing, recruitment—the works.

It put us in a fantastic position to attract and select great candidates that helped us achieve our first three quarters of profitability. They also have an ATS called HireGate that’s a wonderful complement to their human capabilities.

Lorna HagenLorna Hagen
Managing Partner, Culture Playbook Partners

Cielo: Global RPO Solutions

Selecting the best Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) company depends on specific organizational needs, industry requirements, and the scale of recruitment. Several reputable RPO providers excel in different aspects.

For instance, Cielo is often recognized for its global RPO solutions, combining technology and expertise to streamline recruitment processes. Another notable provider is Randstad Sourceright, known for its data-driven approach and talent acquisition strategies. Hudson RPO is acclaimed for its flexible and scalable solutions tailored to diverse business environments.

Ultimately, the best RPO company is subjective and depends on the unique needs and priorities of each organization. Conducting a thorough assessment, considering industry reputation, client testimonials, and alignment with specific hiring goals, is crucial in determining the most suitable RPO partner for a particular business.

Steven MostynSteven Mostyn
Chief Human Resources Officer, Management.org

Alexander Mann: Global Recruitment Expertise

Alexander Mann Solutions is a top player in high-quality recruitment services globally. It caters to different hiring needs, including flexible, contract, full-time, and part-time employment. Alexander Mann Solutions was established in 1996 and is headquartered in London.

Their services encompass talent acquisition, advising on talent technology, and providing digital talent solutions. This includes a dedicated platform for virtual internships and digital automation. AMS also features a Talent Lab aimed at developing tech skills and enhancing the capabilities of recruiters. The industries served by AMS range from consumer sectors to digital and technology, government, investment banking, professional services, retail banking, and finance.

Craig FochtCraig Focht
Cofounder & CEO, All Pro Door Repair

PeopleScout: Tech-Driven Global RPO Leader

It is important to have a reliable and efficient RPO (Recruitment Process Outsourcing) company by your side. An RPO company can help streamline your recruitment processes, saving you time and resources while also ensuring that you find the best candidates for your clients.

One of the top RPO companies in the industry is PeopleScout. With over 28 years of experience, PeopleScout has solidified its reputation as a trusted RPO partner for companies of all sizes. They offer a range of services, including recruitment strategy, candidate sourcing, assessment and selection, onboarding, and employer branding.

PeopleScout stands out from other RPO companies due to their innovative use of technology and data analytics. They utilize artificial intelligence and machine learning to improve the recruitment process and identify top talent. With their proprietary hiring technology, they can efficiently screen candidates, reducing the time to hire and improving the overall quality of hires.

Another key factor that sets PeopleScout apart is their global presence. They have operations in over 80 countries and speak more than 20 languages, making them an ideal partner for international recruiting needs. They also have a diverse team of recruitment experts who understand the nuances of different cultures and can effectively source and engage with candidates from all over the world.

Brandon BeattyBrandon Beatty
Founder & CEO, Southern Hills Home Buyers

Orion Talent: Streamlined Talent Acquisition

When it comes to top RPO (Recruitment Process Outsourcing) companies, I can share that our experience with the RPO firm Orion Talent has been exceptional.

Their dedication to talent acquisition and streamlined processes make them one of the best choices we’ve worked with. With a proven track record of delivering high-quality talent solutions, Orion Talent has established itself as a trusted partner for companies seeking effective recruitment and workforce solutions.

Josh LadickJosh Ladick
President, GSA Focus

Pierpoint: Personalized, Flexible RPO Solutions

I picked Pierpoint as the best company because its RPO model provides personalization services to fulfill various recruitment needs. You can outsource the complete talent acquisition process and get flexible recruitment support during projects. Moreover, you can access Pierpoint’s services of top-tier recruiters on demand or even combine and outsource the more challenging aspects of the hiring process while still maintaining control through a hybrid approach.

Pierpoint also offers an omnichannel recruitment approach using job boards, professional networks, job advertising, career sites, social media, and other resources. With Pierpoint as your RPO partner, you can mitigate the risks of hiring fluctuations and create a measurable impact with insights into future hiring needs.

Naima ChNaima Ch
Chief Marketing Officer (CMO), Set Alarm Online

Randstad Sourceright: Customized, Data-Driven RPO

Over the years, Randstad has solidified its trusted name and reputation for combining HR expertise with real-life human insight and robust, data-driven solutions. Not surprisingly, their division, Randstad Sourceright, positions itself as one of the best Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) companies.

Randstad Sourceright has no boundaries, offering RPO and MSP services to clients in various geographic locations and industries. The essence of their success lies in their customized solutions for each partnership. Clients receive the best outcome by carefully considering industry requirements, market dynamics, and organizational goals. Besides that, Randstad Sourceright leverages data-driven insights, AI, and innovative tools to implement processes and make decisions. This approach ensures the delivery of results that hit the spot.

As Randstad Sourceright continues to push the boundaries, their status as a worthy partner is well justified.

Nina PaczkaNina Paczka
Community Manager, MyPerfectResume

Pontoon Solutions: Diverse Sector Recruitment

I’d say Pontoon Solutions is one of the best RPO companies out there. Spanning across 60 countries globally, Pontoon Solutions assists its clients in recruiting over 72,000 employees annually.

This company offers recruitment services for a range of sectors, such as manufacturing, energy, information technology, defense contracting, telecommunications, and retail. The main offerings and strengths of Pontoon Solutions encompass sourcing, screening, managing recruitment advertisements, planning workforce strategies and consulting, as well as conducting recruitment audits.

Precious AbacanPrecious Abacan
Marketing Director, Softlist

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