You’re probably well aware of the “Best Companies To Work For” Lists.

If you’re in Human Resources, you’ve likely spearheaded the efforts to land your company on one of those lists.

But what is the best company to work for if you work in Human Resources?

To find out the answer to this question, we asked human resources professionals to share their top choices. And as an FYI, we gave the green light to plug their own company here, if they believe in it.

Here are some employers you might consider applying to if you work in HR.

Y Scouts

If you have experience and expertise working in human resources, there is always a place for you at a staffing and recruiting agency like Y Scouts! We are always looking for individuals that can’t overlook the human behind the resume. Applicants have become data points and pieces of paper through traditional methods. We are different! Y Scouts is motivated not by paychecks or resumes, but by finding the right person for the right role, maximizing the impact for both parties.

Jennifer Schissel, Y Scouts

Cruise America

As an employee-owned and operated company, employees at Cruise America are generally highly motivated and very productive. As a human resources professional, you want a workforce that has an interest in the overall health of the company. It just makes the job of HR easier. Whether it’s Cruise America or another employee-owned company, HR professionals should strongly consider applying to work in an environment where the motivation of employees can lead to higher profitability and increased productivity.

Randall Smalley, Cruise America

Markitors (or any small business)

Markitors doesn’t have an HR professional in-house. But, ask any person who works at Markitors and they’ll tell you we need one! This isn’t a knock on our company, it’s the reality most small businesses live with. Companies with less than 15 employees make the most of HR as some crazed business owner like me tries to piece together employee handbooks and formal policies. If you’re looking to make your mark in HR, consider joining a growing startup like Markitors to do the things you really want to do in HR… make a mark!

Brett Farmiloe, Markitors


As an HR professional, you are naturally motivated to help and impact the life and career of others. But at TA, that goes beyond just policies and procedure implementation. Here, you have the ability to truly influence and guide individuals to help them be the best version of themselves. Weekly career check-in meetings, communication rhythms, and goal accountability are all aspects of the HR function at TA. HR is celebrated, supported, and valued in a way that few other companies do so naturally. We invest heavily in our employee’s happiness and engagement, which makes it a fun and rewarding place to lead and support people.

Shayleen Stuto, TechnologyAdvice


Mailbird offers more than an open-door policy. Each team member is treated exactly the same – from interns all the way up to the CEO. Mailbird builds a company culture that is extremely inclusive, making the onboarding process seamless and with far less pressure than companies that aren\’t quite as diverse. It’s the perfect environment for someone in HR who appreciates such deep engagement with all team members and on all levels.

Andrea Loubier, Mailbird

Red Clover

The best company to work for in the human resources industry is one with a strong company culture built off of core values, where the people have invested in the values and every decision is guided by them. My firm, Red Clover, lives and works by our values – and thus – we are a culture-driven company. One of our values, “Family First” means that we have flexible schedules and can work from home, especially if it means choosing between family and work. The way we provide feedback to each other is guided by our values of “Honest Counsel” and “Got Your Back.” And we approach our client work through the lens of “Own It” and “Get Sh*t Done” – which means we work hard for our clients, but play hard internally.

Eric Mochnacz, Red Clover


Our HR department is in a direct position to aid all of us in any way. I have had nothing but great experiences with them and they are pro-actively trying to make our work life better. We embrace them and they don’t have that normal stigma that comes from meeting with HR that other organizations may have. We bring them in on all major decisions and their opinions matter to us for anything that we do.

Mark Smith, UAT

Any Company With Aligned Visions

First and foremost you must be in tune professionally, morally, and ethically with the owner, CEO, etc. The visions of all must be aligned and as an HR professional, you must have the opportunity to have a seat at the table and exhibit influence and competence. Embrace your role of being the gatekeeper for all that is HR and you will find happiness as will most of your employees.

Ronald Kubitz, Forms+Surfaces

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