What are the best wellness programs for corporations?

What are the best wellness programs for corporations?

From CHC Wellness to simply promoting sleep hygiene, here are nine answers to the question, “What’s one of the best wellness programs for corporations?”

  • CHC Wellness
  • Mindpath
  • Global Corporate Challenge
  • WellSteps
  • Mental Health Programs and Stress Management
  • Business Strategy Wellness
  • Team Building Physical Activities
  • Healthy Habits
  • Sleep Hygiene

CHC Wellness

CHC Wellness offers comprehensive wellness solutions tailored to fit any company’s needs. They provide a wide range of services, including health screenings, nutrition coaching, and workplace wellness programs. Their team of experts can help you identify potential health risks, create customized wellness plans, and track progress.

They have an online platform that allows you to manage your wellness program and access helpful resources easily. CHC Wellness also offers employer-sponsored health plans and benefits that can help employees stay healthy and save money.

Shaun Connell, Founder, Writing Tips Institute


Mindpath focuses on creating a positive environment for employees that emphasizes balance, engagement, and resilience. It takes an individualized approach by focusing on skill development and creating an ongoing dialogue between employers and their employees.

Through Mindpath’s comprehensive program, employers can increase morale, reduce absenteeism, and improve cohesion among their staff.

This program actively works to create an environment of support where work-life balance is a priority, enabling an organization to maximize its effectiveness and performance in the long run. This is a superb choice if you want your corporation to make sure that its employees are happy and productive.

Jim Campbell, Owner, Camp Media

Global Corporate Challenge

One of the best wellness programs for corporations is the Global Corporate Challenge (GCC). This program encourages employees to stay active and healthy by providing an opportunity to track their daily physical activity, compete in challenges, and receive rewards for meeting monthly goals.

The GCC also offers nutrition and mental health support, as well as access to experts in the wellness field.

Admir Salcinovic, Co-Founder, PriceListo


WellSteps tailors a comprehensive suite of mental, physical, and social health benefits to each individual’s needs and lifestyle. 

It also provides a wide range of activities and services, such as on-site fitness classes, nutrition counseling, health screenings, and even stress management workshops.

The best part about WellSteps is that it is affordable and accessible to all employees, regardless of their financial situation or work schedule. I highly recommend WellSteps as one of the best corporate wellness programs available.

Tiffany Homan, COO, Texas Divorce Laws

Mental Health Programs and Stress Management

Mental health issues, such as anxiety and depression, are common among working adults and can result from work stress. That is why I recommend implementing stress management and mental health programs.

By offering free counseling services and providing employees with resources and support for mental health issues, organizations can help employees manage stress and improve their mental health.

Organizations can offer employee counseling services or options through a telehealth platform. They can also offer mindfulness training and stress management workshops to teach employees how to cope with stress and create a healthy work-life balance.

Luciano Colos, Founder and CEO, PitchGrade

Business Strategy Wellness

It is essential to use tried-and-true methods to find the best answer that will work for your business and bring in returns. Your wellness program is a business strategy, so you’ll want to consult with leadership to determine goals.

Then, align the core values of the company with the core values of the employees. Choose your programming (on-site fitness, hybrid fitness, hybrid coaching, education programs, meditation programs, financial health, mental health).

There’s a lot to choose from. For leaders tasked with creating a wellness program, I strongly recommend enlisting a professional consulting and management team for support through your process. I’ve too often seen wasted money or exhausted HR leaders when a program gets thrown together.

Wendy Chamberlain-Cooper, Founder and CEO, ProMotion Training Systems

Team Building Physical Activities

Incorporating a company-wide fitness plan can have immense benefits, such as increased productivity and morale, lower insurance rates, and less absenteeism.

The program should include a variety of exercises that are suitable for all fitness levels, including activities such as group hikes, office yoga sessions, and lunchtime jog groups.

Incorporating rewards for dedicated participants will further increase the program’s success, making employees more motivated and engaged in the workplace. This kind of comprehensive approach to employee wellness has proven to be successful for many corporations looking to improve overall well-being in the workplace.

Jamie Miller, Editor, TreadmillReviewSite

Healthy Habits

The Healthy Habits program focuses on incorporating healthy lifestyle choices among employees, with the goal of improving overall well-being and reducing healthcare costs for the company.

The program includes a variety of components, such as on-site fitness classes, health screenings, and nutrition education. It also offers incentives for employees who meet certain wellness milestones, such as reaching a certain level of physical activity or completing a health risk assessment.

One of the key features of the Healthy Habits program is its use of technology to track and monitor employee progress. The program uses a mobile app that allows employees to set goals, track their progress, and earn rewards for meeting certain milestones. This technology helps to make the program more engaging and interactive for employees and allows them to see their progress.

David Reid, Sales Director, VEM-Tooling

Sleep Hygiene

Sleep hygiene initiatives in the workplace are becoming increasingly important as companies strive to create a healthier and more productive work environment, which is nice to see after working twenty-plus years as a sleep innovation inventor.

As the programs keep expanding to offer sleep wellness training, sleep-monitoring apps, and sleep-product benefits, employers can help their employees understand the importance of getting enough restful sleep to stay healthy and be more productive at work.

Marc Werner, CEO and Founder, GhostBed

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