Best Corporate Wellness Programs

Who has the best corporate wellness program, and why?

To help you identify the best corporate wellness programs, we asked CEOs and HR managers this question for their best recommendations. From Dell Technologies’ wellness programs to Wellsteps Wellness Platforms, there are several wellness programs that are considered among the best in the corporate world. 

Here are four best corporate wellness programs:

  • Dell Technologies
  • Remote Team Wellness
  • Google and The Motley Fool
  • Wellsteps Wellness Platforms


Dell Technologies

Dell Technologies was one of the 2022 Winners of the Business Group on Health Best Employer Awards. They are exceptional when it comes to caring about the Mental Health, Global Health, and Well-being of their employees. Their employee benefits vary between regions, but it includes on-site fitness or wellness centers, health and wellness educational seminars, voluntary employee health screenings, and even employee and community events such as blood drives and home safety fairs. All those benefits provide proper, actionable support.

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Remote Team Wellness

Remote Team Wellness is one of the leading virtual wellness programs that allow remote workers to seek a healthier lifestyle working from home. Stress reduction, weight management, and health screening are enormous benefits of a wellness program. The program is powerful in helping remote employees’ well-being. Lastly, the focus on health in a remote setting is just as important in an office setting and should hold the same standard.

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Google and The Motley Fool

Good corporate wellness programs can be found at a variety of companies but some clear standouts are the Motley Fool and Google. These companies take different approaches to providing wellness for employees but both are highly beneficial. The Motley Fool provides health plans for as little as $4 a paycheck in addition to offering personal training, boot camp and spin classes. Google is innovative when it comes to wellness as they have an entire department devoted to developing ways of keeping employees healthy. Google also has a program that allows its employees to teach their colleagues fitness practices. These two approaches to corporate wellness provide a major benefit to the employees who get to enjoy them.

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Wellsteps Wellness Platforms

The WellSteps Wellness Platform has won many awards that rank them as the best corporate wellness program. The program strives to improve employees’ health and security at the workplace and at home where applicable. The program also reduces the organization’s employee health costs by reducing the risks of injuries or other medical conditions that may develop. Organizations using this program have recorded better financing, boosted their insurance scores, and reduced their employee turnover rate.

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