6 Best Ways To Get Revenge on Your Boss

What is a good way to get revenge on your boss?

To help you know what to do to get revenge on your boss, we asked business and thought leaders this question for their best advice. From seeking no revenge to quitting and starting your own company, there are several pieces of advice that may help you determine the best way to get revenge on your boss.

Here are six best ways to get revenge on your boss:

  • Seek No Revenge
  • Get a New Job and Do Really Well
  • Talk To Your Boss About The Issue
  • Keep a Good Record
  • Stay Quiet and Focus on Your Success
  • Quit and Start Your Own Company


Seek No Revenge

Seeking vengeance against a boss or anyone is an empty pursuit that benefits no one involved. If you have a work environment where your boss is doing things that make you feel like you want to seek revenge, that is a workplace you want to leave immediately. Once you’ve removed yourself from that environment, you should review your options as far as legal action if it’s warranted. 

However, under no circumstances, should you ever seek revenge against a boss. No matter how egregious their actions may have been, seeking out revenge does not change what happened, and can only get you in trouble. That’s why I say living a good life is the best revenge. When you move on and forget about those past transgressions from your boss, it weakens their control over you. Live a happy life with them in the rearview and quickly they lose any power over you and how you feel. Once they lose power over you, you have defeated them.

Devin Schumacher, SERP


Get a New Job and Do Really Well

Do really well in your next job. Even if this boss doesn’t know about your new position, you will still feel a sense of fulfillment knowing that you are thriving, despite any negative or discouraging comments they may have thrown at you in the past. You will be proving to yourself that your previous boss could not keep you down.

Drew Sherman, Carvaygo


Talk To Your Boss About The Issue

Don’t. Just go talk to them. Confrontation leads to resolution and revenge leads to retaliation. We don’t need to be focusing our attention on revenge today, we need to be focusing our attention on finding ways to resolve issues. That’s how we get better as a society.

Tony Staehelin, Benable


Keep a Good Record

I think taking the high road is always best. However, measures should be taken if your boss is putting you into a situation where you feel threatened or could lose your job. One of the best things to do is quietly start keeping a record of all activities or interactions between you and your boss. You may also want to keep a record of work you performed, including personnel evaluations, in case your work or character is challenged. There could come a day when a higher-up will come to you with a complaint from your boss and will need to defend yourself. Detailed records like this will be how to do it. In providing these records, you can get the perfect revenge on your boss without doing anything unseemly.

Fadi Swaida, Halton Village Dental


Stay Quiet and Focus on Your Success

Sometimes the best revenge is no revenge. It’s best to stay quiet and focus on your success rather than to dwell on being right or fighting back. The best way to get revenge on your boss is to kill them with kindness and become successful. Prove your boss wrong by becoming the best employee that everyone loves around the office; the person people want to be. Seeing your success with people and in your career will drive them crazy. Become the most successful you’ve ever been and soon enough, you won’t even be thinking about revenge. Kindness and success will make your boss feel threatened, which can be revenge in itself.

Madison Frees, Terkel


Quit and Start Your Own Company

I think the best way to get revenge on your boss is to quit, start your own company and become more successful than they are. I don’t know how many bad bosses are responsible for causing the start of successful companies, but I’m sure it is a lot. And there is no better revenge than proving someone wrong.

Robert Lowdon, Robert Lowdon Photography



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