best day to fire someone

Being an employer forces many to face challenges they never expected. The pain, frustration, and worry of firing an employee is one of those shockers. If you’ve reached a point where letting that person go from the job is inevitable, you might be wondering how best to break the news to them, and when. We asked founders, CEOs, and managers the day they think is best to let their staff go, and why.

Here are 6 tips and pieces of advice on which day is best to fire someone:

  1. Avoid Firing Someone On Friday
  2. A Face-to-face Conversation
  3. Any Weekday is Appropriate
  4. Early in the Day, Early in the Week
  5. Friday Might Work
  6. The Best Day to Fire Somebody is Today

What is the best day to fire someone

Avoid Firing Someone On Friday

While some HR experts might suggest that firing someone on Friday is the best idea, it can make finalizing the termination process more difficult because of the weekend. Firing someone mid-week, between Tuesday-Thursday, can be beneficial for both the company and the employee being fired. It gives both parties the opportunity to exchange property, documents, etc. and any paperwork that needs to be sorted out. It also gives the employee time to start searching for a new job or make any necessary arrangements before the weekend.

Maegan Griffin, Skin Pharm

Any Weekday is Appropriate

Indeed, there isn’t any day that is preferred to give anyone bad news, especially termination of work. Firing someone is official business which means a weekday is appropriate. It works better since most of your workforce will likely be alert or working. That way, they will be engaged in work and not other commitments that get them off-guard.

No matter how harsh the sad truth is, if you want to fire an employee, it is better to do that within working hours, and any weekday could work. It also depends on the circumstances and timing of the reason to cause the termination. Maybe you already had discussions prior to firing the worker; the best day to fire someone should be a working day. Just ensure it isn’t a public holiday or a weekend, and it will be safe.”

John Tian, Mobitrix

Early in the Day, Early in the Week

Early in the day, early in the week. The goal is to be as respectful to that person’s time as possible. By having that meeting early in the week, you give the former employee as much time as possible to reach out to other opportunities during the coming workweek. Some recommend you avoid having the meeting on a Monday morning, since it might lead to resentment in an employee that they still needed to come into the office–but I think those concerns are overstated. The best way to be respectful is to give the employee as much notice as possible.

Dan Bladen, Kadence

Friday Afternoon

Friday afternoon is the best day to fire someone since the employee gets enough time for the news to sink in and also receive their last paycheck from the business owner. It also helps the employees in the company to adjust quickly to work without a certain employee the following week. Unlike being fired midweek, it will be hard for employees to focus since they’ll try to figure out why their colleague was fired.

Ryan Yount, Luckluckgo

The Best Day to Fire Somebody is Today

If you are at the stage of firing someone, that means you have done everything you could do to help them. It is uncomfortable for both parties involved. That is why it is best to get it over with once the choice is made. No need to drag it out, as it is stressful the whole way through. Be fair to yourself and the person being let go by quickly ripping off the bandage.

Nicole Wallet, All Season Backyards

A Face-to-face Conversation

While it may be tempting to drop an email discussing the many reasons why things simply aren’t working out, a face-to-face conversation is the very least an organization owes an employee. Moreover, while text can be interpreted in many ways, conversations are a lot better at conveying intent and emotions. Make sure that you create a safe and comfortable space for the employee and gently take them through your decision and the many factors that influenced it.

Harry Morton, Lower Street

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