What Are the Best HR Webinars?

What Are the Best HR Webinars?

To provide you with the best insights on who hosts the most valuable HR webinars, we asked six CEOs and communications managers for their top picks. From SHRM for its diverse topics and experienced presenters to HR Daily Advisor for providing free, current, and relevant content, discover the top six HR webinar hosts that these leaders recommend.

  • SHRM: Diverse Topics and Experienced Presenters
  • HR.com: Holistic Insights for Varied HR Roles
  • Dave Ulrich: Simplifying Complex HR Concepts
  • ATD: Enhancing Personnel Development and Learning
  • HRDQ-U: Interactive Learning with Real-World Application
  • HR Daily Advisor: Free, Current, and Relevant Content

SHRM: Diverse Topics and Experienced Presenters

The best HR webinars are often hosted by reputable organizations and industry experts. One notable host is the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), which offers webinars led by HR professionals and thought leaders. SHRM’s webinars cover a wide range of relevant topics, including talent management, employee engagement, and HR technology.

What makes their webinars worth a listen is the depth of knowledge and practical insights shared by experienced presenters. These webinars provide valuable strategies and best practices that can be immediately implemented in various HR functions. Additionally, SHRM ensures that their webinars are interactive and engaging, allowing participants to ask questions and collaborate with peers.

Aviad FaruzAviad Faruz
CEO, Know Mastery

HR.com: Holistic Insights for Varied HR Roles

Webinars are only one of the many HR tools available on HR.com, which I find to be a really useful resource. Their webinars address a wide range of HR subjects, from compliance and benefits administration to employee well-being and diversity and inclusion.

What makes HR.com’s webinars worth attending is the platform’s dedication to providing a holistic view of HR challenges and catering to the varied requirements of HR professionals. HR.com’s webinars stand out because they are inclusive of a wide range of HR positions and industries.

Attendees can get a multitude of perspectives and insights, making these webinars especially valuable for professionals looking for well-rounded information and practical solutions to deal with the varied nature of human resources.

Tiffany HaflerTiffany Hafler
Marketing Manager, FORTIS Medical Billing

Dave Ulrich: Simplifying Complex HR Concepts

Dave Ulrich is my go-to guy for HR webinars. He’s got a knack for breaking down complex HR concepts into understandable chunks. Dave’s insights into HR transformations and the evolving role of HR in modern businesses are top-notch. He’s been in the game for years, and it shows.

When you attend one of his webinars, you’re not just getting textbook theories; you’re getting real-world insights drawn from his vast experience. Plus, he’s got this engaging style that keeps you hooked from start to finish. So, if you’re looking for HR knowledge delivered in a clear, relatable manner, Dave Ulrich’s webinars are definitely worth a listen.

Irina PoddubnaiaIrina Poddubnaia
CEO, Founder, TrackMage

ATD: Enhancing Personnel Development and Learning

ATD (Association for Talent Development) is well-known for hosting high-quality HR webinars with a strong emphasis on personnel development, learning, and performance enhancement. Employee training, coaching, and organizational growth are among the topics covered in their webinars. The caliber of presenters, who are frequently thought leaders and practitioners with substantial experience in the industry, distinguishes ATD’s webinars.

Attending ATD webinars is a worthwhile experience owing to the breadth of information presented and the emphasis on actionable takeaways. HR professionals can expect to learn how to support employee growth, integrate training activities with business goals, and generate results through effective talent development techniques.

Gerrid SmithGerrid Smith
Communications Manager, Texas Property Tax Loan Pros

HRDQ-U: Interactive Learning with Real-World Application

HRDQ-U (Human Resource Development Quarterly) is the best platform for HR webinars because of the priority it places on students’ participation and the actual application of what they’ve learned. Their webinars go beyond typical lectures by adding exercises, case studies, and debates to help participants gain a deeper knowledge and acquire new skills.

These seminars cover subjects such as team development, communication, and leadership, and are designed to stimulate practical application in real-world HR issues. Participating in HRDQ-U webinars is worthwhile due to its hands-on approach, which allows attendees to actively engage with the material and gain insights that can be instantly implemented in their workplaces.

Because these webinars are interactive, HR professionals not only gain knowledge but also improve their problem-solving and decision-making skills.

Cindi KellerCindi Keller
Communications Coordinator, The Criminal Defense Firm

HR Daily Advisor: Free, Current, and Relevant Content

If you’re looking for a webinar that’s worth listening to, try the HR Daily Advisor. These webinars are free to listen to and can contribute immensely to one’s professional development.

For example, if there’s a new HR tool on the market or a consent-focused recruitment practice, these webinars can inform listeners of it. The reason why HR Daily Advisor is a great option is because the information they share is relevant and up-to-date. This can be of great use to HR managers who are just starting out in their careers.

It can also be useful for HR professionals to give these free webinars a chance. There’s so much to learn from the expertise of industry professionals.

Perry ZhengPerry Zheng
Founder and CEO, Pallas

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