7 best training resources for HR managers

What is one training resource that’s good to develop an HR manager?

To help you choose the best training resources for HR manager development, we asked small business owners and HR leaders this question for their best insights. From exploring Alison.com to utilizing the conflict resolution database, there are several recommendations that may help you choose which resource to use in the future.

Here are seven of the best training resources for HR managers:

  • Explore Alison.com
  • Sign up for eCornell
  • Earn a SHRM Certification
  • Take Courses From the HR Certification Institute (HRCI)
  • Attend a Coach Training Program
  • Learn the Necessary Software
  • Utilize the Conflict Resolution Database 


Explore Alison.com

There is a plethora of both paid and free training resources for HR Managers looking to refresh their knowledge and polish their skills. Depending on the desired area of focus, duration of the program, and level of advancement, various courses can serve as the ideal choice for the participant. With all of that in mind, one of the free alternatives is Alison.com. Boasting a whopping 35 courses covering all major areas of HR are covered including Learning, Development, Recruitment, Performance Management, or Conflict Resolution. Overall, Alison’s course assortment is both thorough and comprehensive and having used it myself I can wholeheartedly recommend it to any aspiring or veteran HR manager.

Peter Bryla, ResumeLab


Sign up For eCornell

eCornell is a great training resource for any HR manager, or aspiring HR manager, to hone their skills. The certification that comes with the completion of the program also holds a great deal of weight, making it also a great inclusion to any resume or LinkedIn profile. The reason it is also such a great resource for HR managers is because it also contains valuable leadership training that will come in handy for this managerial role.

Joe Spector, Dutch


Earn a SHRM Certification

SHRM certification is the gold standard when it comes to training for HR professionals. Whether learning in-person or online, the program content helps develop an in-depth knowledge base for HR compliance: everything from hiring practices to documentation, as well as workplace investigations and diversity, equity, and inclusion. SHRM isn’t the only HR training resource available, but it is certainly one of the most reputable and comprehensive no matter what part of the country you are located in. The professional development credits obtained in the programs help maintain the SHRM-CP or SHRM-SCP certification and translate to real-world use in virtually all industries.

Benjamin Meskin, Cabrella


Take Courses From The HR Certification Institute (HRCI)

The HR Certification Institute is an online training resource that offers training courses both for seasoned professionals and beginners. Their programs for senior HR practitioners require several years of experience and a bachelor’s or master’s degree. The platform is equipped with the first-ever certification for professionals looking to start in the industry for beginners. It’s a certified resource to develop an HR manager as it provides the HR content in a self-paced mode with practice exams. HRCI aims to fast-track an HR career with its HR certification and recertification training.

John Tian, Mobitrix


Attend a Coach Training Program

As an executive HR leader, I decided to attend an intensive coach training program lasting several weeks. I was amazed at how I changed for the better — I learned more than just being a “coach”. I learned how to really actively listen, how to ask a powerful question, and how to be “curious” when exploring a situation or decision. I wish I had enrolled in a coach training program as an HR Manager, as I would have been able to add more value and be more effective.

Scott Baker, Stage 3 Leadership


Learn the Necessary Software

Human resources departments are required to maintain reams of data about employees. Every manager needs to know how to store and retrieve that information quickly. Any type of specific software that pertains to this level of information storage is what all HR managers need to learn backward and forward. Any and all training related to the organization’s HR software should be a top priority for any employee who is hired or moved into that department. Managers are required to know how to organize all data related to HR, including employee profiles, vacation hours, working hours, attendance, commendations, complaints and more. It’s vital that those software skills are learned, even mastered, by the HR manager.

Scott MacDonell, Bambee


Utilize the Conflict Resolution Database

One training resource that is great for developing new HR managers is a conflict resolution database. By utilizing either in-house, archived incidents or an online collection of resolved conflicts, an HR manager can build their repertoire of conflict resolution practices. Simple role-playing exercises based on these incidents between the trainer and trainee can prepare both for the potential of future conflicts. Once concluded, everyone involved will be more confident in addressing new situations too.

Loic Claveau, Prometeus Labs


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