Are you looking for a career in human resources? By following our easy strategies and tips, you’ll find an HR job in no time. From human resources assistants to HR generalists, anyone can apply these methods to their human resources resume to increase interview opportunities. 

For more information on how to write the perfect HR resume, read more below. 

Create the human resources resume that will get you hired 

For recent graduates crafting their resume, it’s a great idea to list your educational degree, GPA, and any relevant courses taken. Courses can include classes like human resources management, compensation in management, training and development in organizations, and employment law. Especially for those with less work experience, listing relevant educational experience can demonstrate knowledgeability. This section can be towards the top of the resume. For candidates that are not recent graduates or have extensive work experience, the educational background can be towards the bottom of the page. 

Stand out against the crowd

In addition to a section regarding educational history, a good way to stand out against the crowd is to list your skills and certifications. With all of the job application websites available, recruiters can sometimes go through thousands of applications for just one position. Is there a unique skill or certification that other candidates might not have? Is there a language or industry you specialize in recruiting for? Are you part of any organizations? These specialties can help you get the job against a large candidate pool, by demonstrating your passion and willingness to go the extra mile. There are many great options for online HR certificates and courses, so make sure you distinguish yourself from the rest. 

Other strategies to maximize your hiring chances is to make sure to use specific keywords in your resume. Especially for larger companies, HR departments will vet most applications using an applicant tracking software. By identifying the skills and keywords they’re looking for, you can boost your chances of the software categorizing you as a target candidate. This can help you maximize your chances against these application programs, leading to more interviews and potential career opportunities. A great way to identify keywords is to carefully study the job description and tailor your resume for each application. The right keywords on your human resources resume can distinguish yourself from other talented individuals, so use this tactic to your advantage.

Choose your words wisely

When referencing past work and internship experiences, be sure to demonstrate achieved results. Did you create employee engagement activities that were well received? Did you increase the hiring process speed by adopting a new task management software? Employers like to hire based on proven results. Additionally, using statistics and numbers can help you impress the HR department. Did you help increase employee retention by 25% from the previous year? Mention it on your resume! After all, this is your time to shine. 

Lastly, always try to use clear and concise language on your resume. Feel free to take out any irrelevant work experiences, unnecessary adjectives, or any “copy and paste” filler words from your resume. Bullet points should be concise and to the point, with any statistics you have to back it up. The perfect human resources resume should also be well-formatted. Stick to one page and cut out any excessive graphics or flourishes. Ultimately, a resume should be easy-to-read and informative for recruiters, so cut the flowery writing and unnecessary design!