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As your company grows, it is important to ensure that your workforce is maintaining a constant level of productivity. Often times, large corporations with many employees allow low performing employees to fly under the radar. That is, until they are forced to lay off a considerable amount of employees to cut costs! In order to avoid this, employers should take measures to motivate their employees and increase their productivity. By doing so, companies can benefit from increased profitability and lower turnover rates.

1) Flexible Work Schedule

The fact of the matter is that not everyone is a morning person. The best way to tap into an employee’s potential is to allow them to work during their peak hours of performance. By incorporating a flexible work schedule, early birds can come in at the crack of dawn and night owls can stay late. It really is a win, win situation! For employers who are nervous about letting employees be in the office without supervision, there are many tools you can incorporate to monitor their productivity. Consider task management softwares like Asana, Harvest, Smartsheet, and more! They will give you the ability to see how your employees are performing and also highlight certain tasks that way be an inefficient use of their time.

2)  Innovative Work Space

Cubicles are not only out of style, but they are terrible for productivity. Originally, cubicles were a way to give employees a space of their own. But as time went on, these work areas started to feel more like cages than anything. The walls of a cubicle have one major effect on employees. They impede collaboration in the office. Having to hop from cubicle to cubicle or communicate strictly over email can be quite detrimental, especially for creative industries. By breaking down these physical barriers, employees can better communicate and do their job efficiently. So if your office still has this antiquated design, maybe it is time for a facelift. Find innovative ways to use furnishings, architectural elements, and cultural enhancements to empower employees, offering workers ways to change the landscape to improve efficiency.

3) Business Casual Dress Code

Upon first thought, the clothes employees put on their body may not seem to affect productivity. This is quite the opposite! Forcing employees to dress in uncomfortable slacks, skirts, or heels can heavily impact their productivity. This is why I suggest implementing a business casual dress code. Of course if your employees are meeting with clients, they should be dressed formally! On the other hand if they are spending their day at their desk, a full suit isn’t necessary. Allowing employees to dress according to their personal style and comfort level can benefit them in many ways. Example of these benefits include: better workplace relationships, increased satisfaction levels, and a more dynamic workplace.

All in all, there are many ways to increase the productivity of your employees. The key to all these strategies is to make your employees feel that they are being taken care of. By showing them that you truly care about them and their wellbeing, they will in turn care about your company! Incorporating a flexible work schedule, innovative workspace, and a business casual dress code can dramatically change your employee’s work ethic. If your office incorporates any of these strategies, comment below on your opinion of them! Although I see fantastic results from implementing them within my own staffing agency, I am curious as to how they operate in your business.

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