What to Include in a Promotion Email to an Employee From HR?

What to Include in a Promotion Email to an Employee From HR?

Crafting the perfect promotion email can be a challenge, so we’ve gathered insights from nine professionals, including CEOs, founders, and marketing managers, to help you get it right. From explaining the new role and promotion reasons to recognizing past contributions, discover the essential elements to include in a promotion email to an employee.

  • Explain the New Role and Expectations
  • Provide a Clear Start Date
  • Discuss Compensation Details
  • Craft a Positive Email Subject
  • Provide the Job Description
  • Congratulate and Highlight Achievements
  • Offer Compliments and Rewards
  • Share the Reasons for Their Promotion
  • Recognize Past Contributions

Explain the New Role and Expectations

An employee promotion is an important moment for an employee’s career since it underlines the employee’s quality, outstanding performance, and dedication.

Therefore, when emailing an employee to inform them of the promotion, HR should describe the new role in detail and the responsibilities, explaining the updated duties and expectations.

The email should include not only the essential information but also the reasons for the promotion, why the employee fits perfectly into the new role and their success.

Natalia BrzezinskaNatalia Brzezinska
Marketing and Outreach Manager, ePassportPhoto

Provide a Clear Start Date

HR needs to state clearly when the promoted employee assumes the duties of their new role to help avoid any confusion. This step ensures the employee drafts a plan that will help them ensure any current projects are cleared on time, and if there’s any training they need to provide for their replacement, it can be scheduled well.

Liam LiuLiam Liu
Co-founder and CMO, ParcelPanel

Discuss Compensation Details

A promotion email to an employee should include information about compensation because it contributes to a thorough understanding of the financial advantages of the new role.

The employee will appreciate their new job and the company’s appreciation for their efforts if the revised salary, benefits, and any other compensation-related facts are provided.

Remembering that the compensation package needs to be reasonable and competitive given the employee’s new responsibilities, market rates, and the organization’s financial constraints is crucial.

Employees can make informed judgments regarding their career advancement and feel secure in their new role by receiving this information in the promotion email clearly and concisely.

Overall, being open and honest about the promotion’s compensation helps to prevent any misunderstandings or confusion that could arise later.

Peter BrylaPeter Bryla
Community Manager, ResumeLab

Craft a Positive Email Subject

For many employees, receiving an email from HR can be anxiety-provoking. Being responsible for handling grievances and managing employment contracts, a surprise email from HR could herald bad news.

To ease employees’ minds, word your email subject positively. For example, including phrases such as “Congratulations” or “Great News!” will highlight the positive sentiment of the email, whereas “Important Information Enclosed” or “Action Required” is likely to provoke anxiety.

Naturally, people read email subjects first, and any automated notifications will contain the subject but not the body of the email. It is, therefore, vital that you craft your email subject carefully and avoid causing undue stress.

Ben SchwenckeBen Schwencke
Business Psychologist, Test Partnership

Provide the Job Description

It’s important that communication about a promotion includes a job description of the new role with expectations clearly defined. While the body of the email should be more congratulatory and include the new salary and any additional benefits, there should be an attachment that clearly defines the new job description.

Not only does this remind the employee of the responsibilities of the role they are accepting, but it sets expectations for performance in the future. One of the biggest challenges for employees taking on a new role is not having clearly defined expectations, and that ambiguity can make it difficult for an employee to thrive and identify opportunities where they need support to keep growing.

Amy JenkinsAmy Jenkins
Director of Client Strategy and Success, theEMPLOYEEapp

Congratulate and Highlight Achievements

One thing HR should include in a promotion email to an employee is congratulations to the promoted employee. It’s important to recognize the employee’s achievements and let them know they are valued and appreciated.

HR should include information about the employee’s career story, key accomplishments, and any additional details about the promotion, such as additional responsibilities, salary changes, or benefits. By providing this information, the employee will feel more informed and engaged, which can help to build morale and motivation.

Brenton ThomasBrenton Thomas
CEO, Twibi Digital Marketing Agency

Offer Compliments and Rewards

HR should include compliments and rewards in the promotion email to further motivate employees and recognize their hard work and dedication. Compliments could be something like “We are so proud of your accomplishments” or “You have gone above and beyond for us.”

Rewards could include monetary bonuses, or extra paid time off. This is a great way to show appreciation for the employee’s efforts and encourage them to continue striving for success in their new role.

Nick RivadeneiraNick Rivadeneira
Founder, Racebuilds

Share the Reasons for Their Promotion

Let the employee know specific reasons they were chosen for the promotion so they can keep the momentum going. I am a big believer in communicating to people what they are doing well in their roles. After all, people aren’t mind readers, so they don’t always know by default what’s catching positive attention from leaders.

Nabeel AbdullahNabeel Abdullah
CEO, Sapphire

Recognize Past Contributions

Acknowledge the employee’s past contributions to the organization in the promotion email. This helps to boost the morale of the employee by giving them the visibility and recognition that they deserve.

It’s also great for helping them overcome any feelings of imposter syndrome, a condition that some employees experience when they receive a promotion. Highlighting their contributions proves to them they are deserving of the promotion and that their achievements are worthy of being celebrated.

Will BakerWill Baker
Founder, Skirtings R Us

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