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An HR director is integral to any corporation. While a CEO might be the one to lead a company, an HR director ensures that the organization has the human talent necessary to execute the job. Overall, any success business would fall short without the skill, insight, and experience an HR director can contribute.

So if you find yourself wondering, “What does an HR director do?” we’ll answer the question in this guide. Additionally, we’ll be taking a deeper look into salary expectations, daily responsibilities, and educational background necessary for the job. 

HR Director Job Description

An HR director is in charge of running a company’s human resources department. HR directors typically are in charge of developing a staffing strategy, compensation, benefits, training, and compliance. Additionally, they must consult with executive management in order to develop a budget for the fiscal year. 

Thus, HR directors will effectively plan, design, and develop different HR initiatives that align with company goals. They are directly responsible for conducting performance management, talent assessment, and effective labor relationships. Moreover, an HR director is responsible for running a smooth HR department and effectively managing its human capital.

What is the average salary of an HR director?  

The average salary for an HR director is approximately $87,573

What are the responsibilities of an HR director? 

While daily activities may vary by company, a general list of duties should include:

  • Develop and implement employee onboarding and recruitment programs 
  • Hiring staff and negotiating contracts
  • Staying in compliance with state laws and company regulations
  • Maintaining all staff records
  • Administration oversight over benefits and compensation
  • Ensure employee welfare and health
  • Oversee HR Department
  • Handle any conflicts or complaints that may arise 

Education and Experience 

HR Directors typically will have a bachelor’s degree in human resources, business management, and other related fields. A Masters in the field will also be a bonus. Additionally, they should have excellent working knowledge of current HR practices and strategies. For soft skills, outstanding communication, organization, and data analysis skills are also highly sought after for the position.  

For those looking for an advantage within an applicant pool, HR certificates and online education can help demonstrate your enthusiasm. 

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