In a time where the HR industry is rapidly changing, the rise of HR blogs discussing trends, insights, and giving advice have never been more plentiful. From sites covering critical topics to blogs providing advice for tricky (or even awkward) workplace scenarios, you’ll have all the HR resources you need in order to succeed.

For those that don’t have time to comb through every blog out there, we’ve done you a favor and compiled our favorite HR blogs to read. 

HR Blogs you need to read now

HR Bartender

Author Sharlyn Lauby wrote the HR Bartender on the premise that many coworkers and employees have always treated her like a neighborhood bartender. She was a friendly face that listened, mentored, and offered advice to coworkers that needed it. HR Bartender is a blog that focuses on workplace topics and human resources. From employee engagement to general career advice, the HR Bartender provides an in-depth, intimate experience on the inner workings of a business. 


Hppy is a blog and community dedicated to HR and employee productivity. Industry leaders in human resources on strategies and insights of improving employee retention and engagement, as well as current research and insight on people management, HR trends, and company culture. In addition to news articles and blog posts, Hppy also offers fun infographics and free eBooks covering topics like workplace happiness and neuroscience in HR. 

Ask a Manager

Ask a Manager offers insight and advice on a recruiter’s thought process, and also gives advice on tricky work scenarios. She gives suggestions on topics like “what to do when an underage intern drinks alcohol on a company event” and “how do I ask for a raise?” with practical solutions. Ask a Manager is the perfect resource for navigating tricky scenarios related to human resources, making it one of our top choices for best HR blogs. 

Evil HR lady 

The Evil HR Lady offers opinions on breaking news related to HR, like Deutsche Bank’s 18,000 layoffs and interns unwittingly signing non-compete contracts (limiting future employability). They compile all human resources related news in one place, offering a quick read-through of information that could otherwise be hard to find. 

The HR Capitalist 

The HR Capitalist takes an honest and blunt perspective on HR problems. From ways to find negative reference checks to commonly used applicant tracking software, this blog covers news articles and strategies to stay updated. An amusing and funny take on corporate practices, check out this blog for an unconventional perspective. 

The HR Gazette

The HR Gazette is a fantastic resource for HR professionals. Covering a wide range of information-heavy topics, the HR Gazette discusses how internal enterprise apps drive efficiency, how to improve candidate experiences and unconscious biases during job interviews. This blog strives to improve and help any human resources professional. 

HR Remix 

This blog is about embracing new HR practices and implementation. The author, Melissa Fairman, is a former HR Director turned consultant. She covers topics for organizational effectiveness, HR, marketing, and more on her popular blog the HR Remix. Her goal is to help readers with performance management and streamlining the HR department and recruitment process. 

Women of HR 

Women of HR is a website that was created to support the development of women in the HR industry. Founded by a group of friends in the field, they wanted to create a website that functioned as a community for women. This blog has a plethora of interviews with successful women in HR tech and offers advice on how to excel in the workplace as a young woman. HR blogs with a focus on female development can be hard to come by, so make sure to check this one out.