There are several ways to develop talent within your company:


The first way is through time. Talent is scarce so when the company has urgent tasks that need to be done, you want to make sure that someone has the talent in order to get the work done correctly. Therefore, the leader of the company is going to need to be discipline enough so that they are going to know what all of their priorities are. This is the only way to figure out if a person has talent for the job.


The second way is to focus on the visible skills that the employee is going to have. These skills are going to include strategic thinking, effective P & L management, and a strong business acumen. All of these things are going to be able to get the attention of your employers. Therefore, the leaders are going to know that they are going to be able to build their talent within the company with you and other people who are going to work like you did for the company.


The third way is to make sure that the employee actually has a development culture. If there is a lack of this in the person, then the person is not going to be a good aspect of the team. But if the employer see something in a particular employee, then they are probably going to want to provide training for this person. This is how the person is going to become the employee that they are looking for to work for their company for a long time.


The fourth way is to reinforce all of the shared values of the company. Therefore, the employees are going to need to think about all of the tasks that they are going to be working on everyday. This is also going to include all of their responsibilities that they might have within the company that are based on their values. This is the best way that the people who work for the company are going to be able to understand exactly why what they do for the company is important.


The fifth way is to make sure that each employee is going to have the support that they need to do all of the work that they are expected to do. This is going to need to come from the managers withing the company. This is going to allow the managers to know what areas are going to need some improvement. This is also going to be true for the areas that are going to have a lot of potential for making the company a lot of money.


The sixth way is to reinforce the value of learning among the employees. Therefore, you will need to ask the employees what they want to accomplish while they are at work. This means you will also need to figure out what their gaps might be when they are working.