There are a number of studies out that show employers who implement strategies in employee engagement have better, well rounded, and happy employees. Happy employees will stay longer at a job. This is true from the top to the bottom. If the CEO is unhappy he or she will simply find another job. This can wreak havoc on an employer. The cost of employee turnover can be high. This is not just employee turnover at the top, but employee turnover at the bottom and in the middle, as well. Here are a few ideas on how to keep your employees happy and engaged.

Offer Healthier Options

Employers who offer healthier options to their employees will get a thumbs up from the staff. The employees of today are the millennials. They are looking to provide themselves and their families with healthy lifestyles. A healthy lifestyle will begin with a healthy meal.


Offer Fitness and Wellness Options

The thing with the millennials is they are into healthier options than Baby Boomers and those from Gen X. They want to have a wellness program at their place of employment. They want to know their employer cares about their health and wellness as much as they do.


Praise the Staff

The staff who does right and meets a goal that was set by the company should be praised with an announcement to the remaining employees. This will make the employee feel excellent inside and out. The employee will be more likely to push him or herself the next time there is a goal set by the company. Make it a competition. Celebrate with a night out on the boss.


Have Some Fun

This is especially true of first level employees. They want to feel like their job is not boring. Bored employees are likely to job hunt and leave your company within a few years. They are likely to do the same thing at the company they go to, as well. Until they find a company where the tasks seem a little less mundane, and the feeling like the work they do has been appreciated.


Take Employee Surveys

Employee surveys are an excellent opportunity to find out what the employees think about the company. Getting honest feedback is what you want to make improvements in employee engagement. This will lead to employee retention.


Get to Know Your Teammates

Find out their likes and dislikes. They will be honest with you. This does not mean you should only find out their likes and dislikes about the company, you should also find out what their likes and dislikes are outside of work. You can plan events around your teammates likes and dislikes. Then a majority of the people are happy with the event or outing.


Provide More Training and Coaching

This is an excellent way to keep employees happy. They will learn new skills. Then you can assign them to another position for a day, week, or even a month. When they keep rotating they are less likely to become board.