5 Best Employee Handbook Builder

How have you built your employee handbook? What’s an employee handbook builder that you’d recommend?

To help you build the best employee handbook, we asked HR managers and CEOs this question for their best recommendations. From making things short and simple with Guru to using Notion to build an all-in-one employee handbook, there are several recommendations that may help you choose the best employee handbook builder for your needs.

Here are five best employee handbook builders:

  • Make Things Short and Simple With Guru
  • Use Real-Life Examples With Blissful
  • Get Help From Gusto To Build Your Handbook
  • Leverage Handbooks To Customize Your Templates
  • Use Notion To Build an All-in-One Employee Handbook


Make Things Short and Simple With Guru

I have built an employee handbook by giving full focus on short and simple sentences. Not many technical wordings were used to avoid confusion. Our purpose of having this employee handbook was to educate the employee and pass on the practices we adopt. So, there was no scope for confusing language. We took the help of slides and conveyed the message in a short yet crisp manner.  We used a Guru employee handbook builder for this task. It was free for 3 team members. Hence, creating an employee handbook was practically free for us.

Caroline Lee, CocoSign


Use Real-Life Examples With Blissful

The more references to real-life situations, the better. We wanted our future employees to be well-prepared for any situations they may come across. That is why building our employee handbook included providing many examples of policies we enforce, so everyone is on the same page from day 1. I’d definitely recommend Blissful handbook builder. It allows you to manage the handbook online and provides the employees with an accessible and interactive handbook.

Natalia Brzezinska, PhotoAiD


Get Help From Gusto To Build Your Handbook

Gusto is a HR and payroll processing company that assists your company in building a state-specific employee handbook that is adaptable to whatever your business does. The laws and regulations are always changing across the country and Gusto’s HR program has been instrumental to ensuring that we stay compliant with our handbooks and HR documents in our organization.

Jason Reposa, Good Feels


Leverage Handbooks To Customize Your Templates

Providing employees with a handbook or manual is an effective way of availing company policies, procedures, and cultural expectations. That way, you clarify your company’s vision and mission for current and future employees and smoothen the onboarding process for recruits. With that in mind, we built our employee handbook with these ends at the back of our minds. We highlighted our core values and ideals and the necessary procedures and operations at the workplace. To help us with that, we leveraged the services of the software Handbooks to customize our template to suit our brand.

Charles Ngechu, EasyPaydayLoan


Use Notion To Build an All-in-One Employee Handbook 

Yes. It is very essential that I have an employee handbook to make sure that I can always keep track of my achievements and focus on my goals. The best employee handbook builder that I use is Notion. The good thing about Notion is that it helps me be able to combine creating tasks, follow up on my goals, and even give recommendations for best practices and paths to follow to achieve the goals. It is an all-in-one employee handbook builder to help you do everything in the same workspace. It also works on a cloud space to help you work from anywhere you like. I recommend you check it out.




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