What Are Examples of Peer-to-Peer Recognition in the Workplace?

What Are Examples of Peer-to-Peer Recognition in the Workplace?

Exploring innovative strategies for peer-to-peer recognition can transform the workplace atmosphere. We’ve gathered insights from top executives, including a Head of People and a CEO, to share their unique approaches. From hosting an Appreciation Week to creating a Kudos Corner, here are four cutting-edge strategies that these leaders recommend.

  • Host an Appreciation Week
  • Amplify Peer Achievements Externally
  • Leverage a Recognition Software Platform
  • Create a Kudos Corner

Host an Appreciation Week

My favorite peer-to-peer recognition idea I have implemented has got to be Appreciation Week. For one week every six months, we hang up envelopes with every employee’s name on them and let employees recognize each other. At the end of the week, we hand out the envelopes, and employees take them home to read. Maybe my favorite two weeks of the year! (Indeed, it also works remotely with some nice online envelope-opening tools :D)

Ben DowseBen Dowse
Head of People, SwipeGuide

Amplify Peer Achievements Externally

Celebrate your peer’s accomplishment within your network—spread the love. Often, we recognize our peers within the four walls of our team or organization. Sure, this is meaningful and important. But it is relatively easy to do. I find that recognizing your peer and their work outside of your company comes with great impact! By taking the time and using your own relationship capital to highlight the work of a peer on social media, at a conference, during a speaking opportunity, or in any of the many forums we each have, you are saying to your peer that their work is so strong it warrants amplification—and that it rises to leading practice that others ought to learn from. It simply carries weight and meaning when people attach the work of others to their own brand.

David GunnDavid Gunn
Founder & President, The David Gunn Group

Leverage a Recognition Software Platform

I’m particularly passionate about innovative workplace solutions that foster a culture of appreciation and recognition. It’s part of the reason I founded the lifestyle benefits platform Compt. At Compt, we’ve implemented a unique approach to peer-to-peer recognition that leverages our own software, reshaping how employees celebrate each other’s achievements and contributions. It’s been a game-changer for creating meaningful connections amongst our fully remote team.

We’ve enabled both monetary (P2P) and non-monetary (shout-outs) expressions of appreciation through our platform, all integrated with Slack and a special “HellaCompters” channel for cross-team visibility. This flexibility allows every recognition to feel personal and genuine. Whether it’s a financial reward for a job well done or a thoughtful, non-monetary gesture that resonates on a more personal level and aligns with a core value, our software ensures that each act of recognition is as unique as the individuals involved. We believe that when employees feel genuinely appreciated in ways that matter most to them, it doesn’t just elevate morale—it transforms the entire workplace culture.

We’ve also designed our platform and our internal program to ensure that recognition dollars can be spent in truly meaningful ways that resonate with each individual’s preferences and needs. We know that one size does not fit all when it comes to recognition and rewards. So, we allow our team to use their recognition dollars on a wide range of categories that are meaningful to them, whether that’s health and wellness, continued learning, family needs, travel, or even charitable donations.

For example, an employee might choose to use their recognition dollars towards a gym membership, a professional development course, or even a family outing. This choice is crucial because it empowers employees to feel that their rewards are not only a token of appreciation but also a contribution to their personal and professional growth.

A bonus is that the process we follow is both seamless and tax-compliant, so it’s super simple for both the employee to enjoy their benefits and for the company to manage them. It’s a personal mission of mine to redefine how recognition is given and change what it means to truly value each person’s unique contribution to their team and the broader organization.

Amy SpurlingAmy Spurling
CEO/Founder, Compt

Create a Kudos Corner

One innovative approach we’ve implemented in our company is the “Kudos Corner,” a platform both online and in our physical office space where employees can publicly acknowledge their peers for their hard work, dedication, or for going the extra mile.

This system not only showcases the achievements and positive actions of our team members but also fosters a culture of appreciation and support. Each month, the individual with the most ‘kudos’ receives recognition in our company-wide meeting and a small reward, such as a gift card or an extra day off. This initiative has significantly boosted morale and has encouraged a more cohesive and motivated team.

Amit DoshiAmit Doshi
Founder & CEO, MyTurn

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