8 Tools To Improve Job Interviewing Skills

What is one tool or technology that can help people improve their interviewing skills?

To help you improve your interviewing skills, we asked business leaders and HR experts this question for their best interview prep advice. From practicing with video software to seeking advice on YouTube, there are several ways you can improve your interview skills.

Here are eight tools you can use to help improve your interview skills:

  • Mock Interview Software
  • Video Software
  • Quizlet
  • Huntr Board
  • 9-Step Career Development Board
  • LinkedIn
  • Interview Coach
  • YouTube

Mock Interview Software

InterviewFocus is truly the most advanced and innovative way to improve your interviewing skills. Using patented technology, InterviewFocus picks up on minor things like eye contact, head engagement, speaking rate, filler words, tone of voice assessment, and even smile intensity. These are things that are often overlooked when preparing for an interview that has a significant impact on the likelihood of getting hired. Practicing in a mirror or with a family member or friend won’t give you the detailed feedback and personalized recommendations that InterviewFocus offers. It truly is the best way to prepare for an interview!

Craig Rosen, InterviewFocus

Video Software

With so many interviews being moved entirely to a digital environment, it is important that you practice using video software like Zoom and Skype to sharpen up your interview skills. Make sure the software is downloaded on your computer and do mock calls with a friend, family member, or recruit the help of a mock interviewing software.

Henry Babichenko, DD, Stomadent Dental Lab


Quizlet is an amazing app that is great for learning in general but can be especially helpful for interview prep. Not only can you use Quizlet to answer interview questions, but you can also review flashcards on just about any subject. It is an effective way to get through lots of questions quickly without having to have someone else there with you.

Jon Schneider, Recruiterie

Huntr Board

Huntr Board is an amazing tool that I’ve used personally to improve my job search and interview skills. It’s easy to copy job descriptions onto the board and track all your interview schedules. It’s also great to store contacts and specific details that might be helpful as you move through the interviewing process. Their dashboard view allows you to see what phase of the process you’re in with each company or job position.

Rronniba Pemberton, Markitors

9-Step Career Development Boot Camp

vCandidates.com was developed with the job seeker in mind. It offers resources to help its subscribers make the best presentation of themselves. Each subscription level provides a 9-Step Career Development Boot Camp that guides the subscriber through current hiring procedures, personal development insight, interviewing tips, and also includes resume review and mock interview sessions with an experienced HR or recruiting professional. These resources help build a candidate’s confidence before, during, and after interviewing.

LT Ladino Bryson, vCandidates


Of all the people I’ve interviewed, the most common shortcoming is when a candidate isn’t really prepared. If a candidate knows about me, the company, and our market when we talk, it shows me they’re sincerely interested in the position—and it means we can have a much more meaningful discussion about their role.

Before you interview, take 30 minutes to look up the people you’ll be talking to. What’s their role? Where else have they worked? Where did they go to school? Once you know who they are, it’ll be easier to connect and ask them good questions. Similarly, look at the company’s LinkedIn profile and see what they’ve been up to lately. When you can ask about a recent product launch, how they like their new headquarters, or how exciting it is that they won an award, you’ll have the chance to show off your excitement for the job.

Elliot Brown, OnPay Payroll

Interview Coach

A reputable interview coach is highly recommended to improve interview skills. A great interview coach will have experience as a hiring executive and possibly as a headhunter as well. This service is well worth a few hundred dollars. I tell all my clients this. Interviewing is a skill that quickly grows rusty. If you don’t work with a coach, you are essentially using your first five interviews to practice that skill.

Joni Holderman, Thrive! Resumes


There are some fantastic free videos on YouTube on how to improve your interview skills. My company has an interview series with topics like how to prepare for an interview, how to best answer questions, and what questions to ask the hiring manager at the end of an interview. You also need to invest time in getting better at interviewing online as this is becoming more commonplace. Good luck!

Ineke McMahon, Path To Promotion

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