The 9 Top Priorities of HR Departments in 2022

What is the top priority of your HR department for 2022?

To help you best prioritize HR roles in 2022, we asked HR managers and CEOs this question for their best insights. From building a strong culture with remote employees to reskilling team members to adapt to new trends, there are several priority areas that are highlighted for HR departments to focus on in 2022. 

Here are 9 top priorities of HR departments in 2022:

  • Build a Strong Culture With Remote Employees
  • Improve Employee Experience
  • Focus on Employee Health and Well-Being
  • Ensure Safety of Employees
  • Free HR for More Human-Centered Tasks
  • Embrace Change Management
  • Enhanced Employee Engagement
  • Strengthen Diversity and Inclusion
  • Reskill Teams Members to Adapt to New Trends


Build a Strong Culture With Remote Employees

We’re focused on building a stronger company culture, no matter where our employees are located. By building better relationships, our team works better together, we reduce turnover, and our employees are happier in general.

Our number one strategy is adding social bookends to our daily meetings, which means just saving 5 or 10 mins before or after meetings to hang out.

Sometimes this includes an activity or ice breaker, and otherwise our team knows that this is the purpose, and we just start chatting. Relationship building is a key pillar in improving company culture, and we know it’s a challenge when teams are remote.

Ed Stevens, Preciate


Improve Employee Experience

Ensuring we prioritize our employees’ happiness as much as we prioritize our customers’ happiness. For example, we want to be on the forefront of employee recognition, engagement and retention, and this starts with listening to and respecting our employees. We hope our employee experience in 2022 is on par with our exceptional customer service, because we believe that happy employees lead to satisfied customers.

Bradley Hall, Sonu Sleep


Focus on Employee Health and Well-Being

Focus on wellbeing to ensure talent retention. Burnout rates are at an all time high. Remote work has detached many employees from the connections that an office environment provides. HR departments should focus on the key factors that keep employees rooted to an organization. Do workers feel like an employer has consideration for their wellbeing? Human resources managers can ensure talent retention with health stipends and wellness services. HR departments should prioritize employee wellbeing in 2022.

Liza Kirsh, DYMAPAK


Ensure Safety of Employees

The health of our employees should always come first and this is a priority for HR. As the COVID-19 pandemic is still in full swing, it’s important for us to track the rising cases of our team members and perform contact tracing in the office. HR is responsible for communicating with positive team members and relaying the information to anyone they were in contact with. The HR department is with the employee every step of the way to ensure safety amongst the brand.

Natália Sadowski, Nourishing Biologicals


Free HR for More Human-Centered Tasks

Currently, our HR department is looking for newer and better ways to automate tasks, in order to free up time for more intuitive tasks. Certain things, like payroll and on-boarding, could frankly be done without much human interaction, but are important enough that leaving them entirely to automated processes still makes some people a bit leery. We’re on the lookout for trustworthy programs that can make this sort of busy work less time-consuming but also be easily circumvented if for some reason we need to do things manually for a while. This will be especially important as our company continues to grow and we need our HR to take on more human-focused tasks.

Caleb Ulffers, Haven Athletic


Embrace Change Management

The main priority of your HR department for 2022 is embracing change management. HR managers must be well-acquainted with organizational shifts’ effect on employees.

For one thing, it has led to a certain degree of fatigue, stress, and burnout.

Hence, it’s imperative for you as a leader to do what you can to support your employees as they adapt to a new way of working. Perhaps, the most efficient strategy for this is found in the principle of positive change. You must concentrate on what works well and how changes to your work environment can guide employees individually.

Ravindra Singh, UKBadCreditLoans


Enhance Employee Engagement

As employees are back in the office, our HR department’s biggest priority is to improve employee engagement. We want to bring back traditions of Themed days and Potluck lunches. We’re also planning to allow pets on premises to ensure employees remain enthusiastic about their workday. Besides, we are also planning to form an employee engagement committee to continue the efforts.

Radhika Gupta, USCarJunker


Strengthen Diversity and Inclusion

The top priority of our HR department is Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging. Our organization is deeply dedicated to supporting our employees as they reach their goals and ambitions, including their academic and career development goals, regardless of race/color, ethnicity, national origin, sex/gender identity/expression, sexual orientation, age, marital status, veteran status or any other protected characteristic. We’re committed to creating a workplace where everyone feels welcomed and included.

Saunav Kaushik, VinPit


Reskill Team Members to Adapt to New Trends

While the skills-gap disaster isn’t new to HR leaders, it has intensified with the development of COVID-19. And reskilling a team of workers in a digital area provides an additional layer of complexity. Learning and improvement programs aren’t just a treasured “perk” to offer personnel for their private growth, however a high-quality method for scaling your business in an ever-changing market.

We are searching to put into effect a bendy studying and improvement approach focused on creating the competencies of today and those of the future.

It’s a win-win approach. Current employees are extra in all likelihood to remain engaged when they have meaningful mastering and development opportunities. And pinnacle intelligence will be attracted to an employer that becomes recognized for having a learning culture.

Joy Were, Getpaydayloan



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