It is highly recommended that every company should market their brand with the best employees. However, as the HR department solely focuses on filling vacant positions, there are many jobs that the department is always trying to fill.

Most of the time theses jobs have such a small talent pool despite the numerous amount of applications that arrive every week. In HR, there are many different types of hiring techniques used in order to hire the right person for the job. However, interviewing an applicant for a particular job is only the first step. Next, the HR department must make sure that hiring this person is going to be an overall great fit for the corporation.

As applications continually roll in on a daily basis, it is important to know and understand that all applicants must bring a uniqueness not only to their resume, but personality. An applicant must understand that they should separate themselves from the pack with a higher level of expertise in the field in which they are interviewing for.


Therefore, if you are looking to get interviewed for a particular job within your corporation you may want to get in good with the HR department. The relationship you build with the HR staff is extremely important as they will be able to assist you more during the hiring process.


The job application process is very simple as everything is done online in one search with a click of a button. You can also view all the latest vacancies through other different online job marketing sites.


So what part time or full time jobs does the HR department have a hard time finding vacancies for? This list comprises of many positions but are not just limited to these:


-Operations Manager


-Home Health Aides

-Software Engineer

-Economic Strategists

-Data Scientist

-Physical Therapist

-Financial Advisors

-Medical Service Manager

-Registered Nurse


According to many different internet sources and statistical analysis, positions in finance, healthcare and technology are also among the toughest for HR departments to fill. The positions in these specific fields are some of the most in demand professions worldwide.


Search portals include career cast and Bureau of Labor Statistics which are used to create many different lists to display the most in demand profession each year. There are many different reasons that hiring gaps constantly occur in corporations. The data science that is collected from within an HR department not only helps to improve business decisions but logistics and the overall operations of the corporation.


Although the earning potential for some of these positions may not be near the national average, there are many different member benefits, educational discounts and expert advice offered as bonuses.


All in all, as companies in many different industries are becoming more and more aware of the jobs that are continuously getting harder to fill each year, it is important that HR deparments start to choose applicants from different demographics and analyzing applicants purchasing history and website usage. All these techniques will be great hiring strategies in order to get the right applicant for the job.