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What is one step to creating the best HR resume?

To help you create the best HR resume, we asked HR managers and CEOs this question for their best advice. From consistently updating your resume to stay on top of trends to using the XYZ method for results, there are several tips that may help you construct the best HR resume in the future.

Here are six tips for creating the best HR resume:

  • Consistently Update Your Resume to Stay On Top of Trends
  • Use Relative HR Keywords
  • Create a Data-Driven Resume
  • Articulate Your Skill-Sets in Creative Ways
  • List Your Achievements, Not Just Your Experience
  • Use the XYZ Method for Results

Consistently Update Your Resume to Stay On Top of Trends

Job seekers in HR should be constantly working to update their resumes to ensure they are following trends in the industry. Look at job descriptions for HR roles you are interested in and use similar words in your resume as they are applicable to your experience to help boost your chances of getting interviews. This can help you stand out from the crowd when different resume sorting software is scouring resumes for keywords and getting put in front of more hiring managers.

Rachel Roff, Urban Skin Rx

Use Relative HR Keywords

Use relative HR keywords to create the best resume. Not only is this beneficial for recruiters reviewing the resume, but also for the electronic scanners that will flag your application versus others. This shows expertise in the industry as well as clear evidence of success in your previous work experience. In doing so, this turns an application into an offer instead of a rejection.

Sara Adam Slywka, Nestig

Create a Data-Driven Resume

In HR, you usually do a lot of evaluation processes, and in many cases, it’s done via surveys. Spending some time in one company, you’re ending up with a lot of valuable data that proves your work effectiveness. It’s worth taking a while and go through your statistics and get some conclusions. If any of the received is worth mentioning and proves you successful – immediately put it in your CV. It will make you stand out and increase your hiring prospects significantly.

Magdalena Sadowska, PhotoAiD

Articulate Your Skill-Sets in Creative Ways

The best HR resumes articulate skill-sets in creative ways. The way you express ordinary duties reveals how efficient and proactive you are. It’s not easy, but you need to describe them as less generically as possible. Think of appropriate skills typical for the niche and describe them precisely. Try not to list mediocre skills, or if you cannot think of something specific, try writing the common ones in some original and creative way. For example, instead of listing ‘communicative’ as a skill, try “excellent communicational and organizational skills;” rather than ‘organized’ try “able to multitask and prioritize key assignments.” You have the skills, now efficiently illustrate them to employers.

Michelle Arnau, Rowan

List Your Achievements, Not Just Your Experience

A resume needs to be memorable. Don’t merely state your experiences. Your resume will stand out if you’ve effectively described what made you stand out at your previous stops. Hiring managers want to know what you achieved. Did you earn any recognition? In what areas did you excel? Did you improve or transform your department in any way? Make sure your resume includes achievement bullets, not just a list of job responsibilities. Not all achievements can be quantified, so be creative. If there is an example of you solving a problem that no one else could or introducing a new method that made the job easier for everyone, be sure to include those detailed examples. Your list of achievements will help shape you into a unique, stand-out candidate for hiring managers.

Scott MacDonell, Bambee

Use the XYZ Method for Results

In 2022, when writing a compelling resume, it’s important to communicate what you were responsible for in addition to what the results were of your efforts that positively impacted the business. Use the structure, “Accomplished X, by doing Y, which resulted in Z.”  Remember, a resume is an effective and concise way to communicate to a recruiter or hiring manager.  By using the XYZ structure, you’ll communicate that you’re data-driven, that you can self-manage, and that you are self-aware.

Jim Leahy, DailyPay

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