Leave Your Best Impression: 9 Tips To Impress In Interviews

How can a candidate leave their best impression on an interviewer? Give your best tip.


To help you leave the best impression during a job interview, we asked hiring managers and CEOs this question for their best advice. From highlighting your X-factor to asking great questions, there are several tips that may help you impress your interviewer when having a job interview.

Here are nine tips to impress in interviews:

  • Highlight Your X-Factor
  • Ask The Interviewer if They Have Any Concerns
  • Send a Thank You Note
  • Speak Deliberately and With Confidence
  • Know Your Resume Inside and Out
  • Illustrate How You Fit into The Company’s Vision
  • Show Positive Energy and Enthusiasm
  • Be Authentic
  • Ask Great Questions


Leave Your Best Impression: 9 Tips To Impress In Interviews


Highlight Your X-Factor

In this world even if you are “one in a million” there are still 7,800 people just like you. Recruiters can get mesmerized by this sea of sameness – candidates with similar experiences, education, and skills. 

For example, if ten people interview for a project management role you desire and they all have similar work history and certifications, you’ll have to demonstrate a differentiator that goes beyond the job requirements to score the win.

Maybe yours is communication expertise or technical wizardry. The key is to identify your “something extra” and then articulate why it is valuable to the role. Your x-factor will help you leave a memorable impression that could ultimately earn you an offer.

Tim Toterhi, Plotline Leadership


Ask The Interviewer if They Have Any Concerns

It’s not uncommon for interviewers to make wrong assumptions or misunderstand something about a candidate when they have so many applicants lined up. To steer clear of that risk, I recommend candidates ask their interviewers about any concerns they might have before leaving in order to clarify misunderstandings or wrong judgments. For instance, you might think your interview went great, only to have your interviewer feeling unsure about hiring you due to your remote location. When you prompt them to express that concern at the end of your interview, you can tell them about your commute arrangement or if you plan on relocating to a nearby area. Basically, if you wish to leave a good impression as an applicant, it’s essential to straightforwardly discuss whatever factors might be causing them to judge you.

Anjela Mangrum, Mangrum Career Solutions


Send a Thank You Note

Send a thank you note to the hiring manager. This leaves a lasting impression and demonstrates that you’re a kind soul. Thank the manager for their time and mention something that was discussed in the interview, such as a similar interest, for example. Let them know you’re appreciative of the opportunity and you look forward to hearing from them soon.

Natália Sadowski, Nourishing Biologicals


Speak Deliberately and With Confidence

Avoid “uh” and “um” and various other filler words. There isn’t anything wrong with them in particular, but excessive use of filler when speaking can come off as being generally unprepared during your interview. Practicing your answers to the most common questions is a good way to help avoid using filler words.

Another easy and simple tip is simply to slow down. More often than not filler words are used to fill gaps where you would otherwise silently contemplate what you want to say next.

There isn’t actually anything wrong with a second or two of pausing to organize your thoughts. If anything it shows  a professional consideration for your speech and interaction with others. When talking to an  interviewer, remember to speak clearly, thoughtfully and avoid filler and word clutter. This will give you an air of confidence and professionalism that will help you stand out.

Caleb Ulffers, Haven Athletic


Know Your Resume Inside and Out

One great way to leave a good first impression in an interview is to know your resume inside and out. The most common interview question is some variant of “Tell me about yourself.” Having a well-designed narrative behind each part of your resume displays attention to detail and a strong concept of self. With a strong knowledge base like that, the interviewer will know who you are and if you are a good fit by the end of the interview for certain.

Sheila Busheri, Universal Diagnostic Laboratories


Illustrate How You Fit into The Company’s Vision

Every job interview is a chance for the interviewer to get the point of view of different candidates and gauge how they fit into a company’s vision and long-term strategy. If you want to leave your best impression, consider illustrating your best skills and talents and how each will help you execute your job duties once employed. Responding to each query as you would if already serving the role applied for is advisable and improves your points.

Mehtab Ahmed, LoansJury


Show Positive Energy and Enthusiasm

Good energy with a smile indicates self-assuredness and confidence, which is the attitude needed to improve any company. A genuine smile shows positivity. Maintain eye contact throughout the interview to convey the confidence of being the right candidate for the position. Shyness and nervousness may raise wrong conclusions on the abilities needed for the job. Display passion and ambition to achieve through excitement for new opportunities while not panicking to show that you are the best fit. Enthusiasm and positive energy give the candidate a sure-fire of the interviewer being impressed and considering you for the job.

Leah Wanjiku Gathoni, NearbyMovers


Be Authentic

Be authentic. It’s too easy in an interview to go into that mode of trying to say the perfect thing. It’s much better to answer sincerely, and be true to yourself. If you find you have to deviate too far from who you are in order to sound appealing to the interviewer, perhaps it’s not the right job for you. If it is a good fit, the interviewer will be drawn to who you are as a person and will appreciate that you shared your authentic personality with them.

Drake Ballew, Practice Health


Ask Great Questions

We always invite questions from candidates towards the end of their interview, and I’m surprised by how often people fail to recognise this as another opportunity to shine. Of course it’s fine to ask practical questions, but throwing in a question that really demonstrates your understanding or eagerness can really set a candidate apart from their competition. 

One question I’ve heard several times (and that I always love) is along the lines of ‘What do you see as the key priorities for the successful candidate in their first 100 days in the role?’

A candidate asking a question like this really stands out, because whilst many of the common questions interviewees ask are about what the organization can do for them, this question shows that they’re thinking about what they can do for the organization. Asking good questions is a simple but often overlooked way to make a great impression.

Saadia Hussain, Pearl Scan



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