You have seen it every where. Do you notice that the same company is always hiring? That means they have high turnover. Does not seem like a good place to work, does it? As a employer, you want to keep costs down. With a high turnover rate, you are not doing your company ay favors. It costs money to keep training employees, only to have them leave. Don’t worry, there are simple actions that can alleviate employee turnover.

Training goes a long way, and if done properly leads to a healthy workplace, instead of mistakes and frustrations. Training an employee on how to do all the procedures required of them, helps ease them into their job, and being able to do it effectively. Never start an employee on one of your busy days, as you don’t have time to properly “show them the ropes”. They get frustrated, you get frustrated, and it’s just a bad beginning that will likely end in failure. A waste of your time, and the employee will likely “bad mouth” the company. Remember all that advertising goes to waste when “word of mouth” is bad.

Time management is another issue. If deadlines are slipping and projects are not turned in on time, it’s time to investigate a little further. The employee is stressed not getting work done on time, and would greatly appreciate your expertise on time management, of how to get things done in a certain time frame. Sometimes it is a simple as taking one thing off their load. You must reassert their value though, as to not make them feel inferior.

A little praise here and there goes along way to an employee, and making them feel appreciated. It does not have to be a big raise or “to do”, just a simple, “Great job”, or maybe treat the to lunch once in awhile. Always remember that your employees have families at home. Don’t expect them to just give up their lives for the company. Asking employees to give extra time is always better than demanding. Explain your situation, if you need them to stay. Many will volunteer anyway.

One of the most important things an employer can do, is hire the right people in the first place. Don’t just hire bodies to cover your needs. Do a thorough interview, we know time is short, but it pays off in the end. if the interviewee does not seem enthusiastic, or has no clue how to do the job hiring for, pass them on. Most times, people like this do not even last the week, and then there you go again, wasting time and money on an ad, and searching for a replacement.

As mentioned earlier, these are simple easy to fix mistakes, that unfortunately, numerous employers make. This happens with small businesses a swell as large corporations. Take a minute, and do it right the first time.