5 Examples of HR Best Practices For Payroll

There are quite a few best practices in HR. Your human resources department dabbles in everything from hiring, to safety, to bonuses. They’re the unseen machine that keeps your company running.  Below, 5 thought leaders share their best HR practice as it pertains to payroll. Hire a Temp Agency Hiring a temporary HR staffing agency enables an employer to shift the burden of managing payroll, paperwork, and everything in between.

Interview with MindOpen Learning Strategies

This interview is with Dr. Elizabeth Speck, Founder and Principal of MindOpen Learning Strategies, a training, coaching, and consulting company that helps organizations achieve social justice goals through transformative workplace learning experiences. Congratulations on speaking at the SHRM Annual Conference. For those who were not able to attend, what was the premise of your talk? What are the 1-3 takeaways you want every SHRM member to know from your talk? 

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What does an HR director do?

An HR director is integral to any corporation. While a CEO might be the one to lead a company, an HR director ensures that the organization has the human talent necessary to execute the job. Overall, any success business would fall short without the skill, insight, and experience an HR director can contribute. So if you find yourself wondering, “What does an HR director do?” we’ll answer the question in

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6 Fun Interview Questions That Still Yield Results

While some “out-of-the-box,” fun interview questions might seem pointless, asking the right nontraditional questions can add major value to any interview. These funky job questions can test a candidate’s ability to adapt or identify if they would be a cultural fit. Here’s our compilation of creative questions that still yield relevant responses.  Ask these 6 fun interview questions to find the perfect hire Teach me something I don’t know in